Best Paper Young Researcher Award

We invite young researchers (PhD students and post-docs no longer than 4 years after dissertation) to participate in our Young Researcher Award Challenge. The winning paper will be announced during the conference and awarded a prize of 250 €. If you want to take part in the challenge:

1. Submit an abstract between May 2nd, 2022 and June 20th, 2022, and explicitly indicate that you want to take part in the Award Challenge.

2. Send a full paper (manuscript, under review or published) till 31st August (via email to

3. The candidates will present their work in a special “award session”.

4. Submissions will be judged by a committee of RN21 board members.

5. Selection criteria are innovation and methodological contribution.

6. In case of co-authorship with a supervisor: the Young Researcher must be the first author, and only the Young Researcher can receive the award.