Rules for the authors

European Sociological Association – Midterm Conference of RN 21- Quantitative Methods 5th –7th of October 2022, Salamanca, Spain.

Those wishing to send their contributions to the RN-21 Midterm Conference in Salamanca must comply with the following rules approved by the scientific committee.

All participation in the conference is welcome but is subject to the submission of an abstract and its approval by the scientific committee.

Only abstracts sent to the official conference email address ( by the indicated dates will be accepted. The established dates are non-extendable. Please use a Word file. A tentative template for this abstract can be found on this link.

It is reminded that those young researchers who wish to participate in our Young Researcher Award Challenge must also submit a full paper (manuscript, under review or published) before August 31st, 2022.


The same paper can only be sent by one person.

Contact authors: If there are two or more authors, the contact author will be the one who sends the communication. It will be the contact author who will receive all correspondence.

The rest of the authors will be able to make the presentation, obtain certificates and participate in all the activities of the congress as long as they have also registered.

Limit of papers as contact author: Each contact author may present a maximum of two contributions. There is no limit to appear as co-author of other people’s contributions.

Abstract: Maximum length of 350 words.

Data to be included:


Name contact author

Surname contact author

Email contact author

Names, surnames, and email of the rest of the authors.

Affiliation of all authors.

The abstracts received will be considered by the scientific committee. The acceptance of the abstracts will be communicated via email to the contact author.


We invite young researchers (PhD students and post-docs no longer than 4 years after dissertation) to participate in our Young Researcher Award Challenge. The winning paper will be announced during the conference and awarded a prize of 250 €.

If you want to take part in the challenge:

1. Please submit an abstract between May 2nd, 2022 and June 20th, 2022, and explicitly indicate that you want to take part in the Award Challenge

2. Please submit a full paper (manuscript, under review or published) till 31st August via email to

3. The candidates will present their work in a special “award session”

4. Submissions will be judged by a committee of RN21 board members

5. Selection criteria are innovation and methodological contribution.

6. In case of co-authorship with a supervisor: the Young Researcher must be the first author, and only the Young Researcher can receive the award.


The official language of the congress is English. Abstracts must be sent in English and the oral presentation will also be in English.


In order to appear in the program, it will be mandatory to register for the congress within the indicated deadlines.

For communications with several authors, at least one of them must register for the congress and make the payment. The rest of the authors will appear in the program, but they will not have a certificate if they do not pay the registration fee.


After the conference, the ESA RN21 will make available the corresponding certificate to the participants through email. Obtaining certificates is conditional upon registration at the conference.

Types of certificates:

  • Communication certificate. All those who have presented a paper at the conference, whether first author or not, will be entitled to obtain a paper certificate at the conference. The certificate will be individual.
  • Certificate of attendance. A certificate of attendance may be obtained for attendance at the conference upon request.

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Twitter: @RN21_Salamanca