Quantitative Methods and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Organizer: ESA RN 21 Quantitative Methods.

Chair: Jochen Mayerl | Vice-Chair: Kathrin Komp.

Local Organizer: Modesto Escobar, University of Salamanca (rn21@usal.es).

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Quantitative methods help to predict and explain social phenomena. They are used across the social sciences, and they contribute to studying a wide range of sociologically and socio-politically relevant topics, amongst others associated with climate change, mass migration, social inequalities, xenophobia, COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation and ‘fake news’. In line with the conference theme ‘‘Quantitative methods and the COVID-19 pandemic’’, we encourage presentations to reflect methodological challenges, problems, technical as well as statistical advances, and the use of new methods of the big data era in predicting and explaining societal conditions, events, and processes in Europe. In addition, we welcome papers on various topics in the fields of quantitative methods.

The main aim of our mid-term conference is to learn and to exchange ideas on how quantitative methods can contribute to improving our understanding of social changes, particularly in the sphere of effects of this pandemic. The need for an empirical foundation of the analysis of social change relates to several methodological challenges when it comes to quantitative approaches to describe and explain societal change. Consequently, this mid-term conference aims to raise the methodological potentials and challenges of quantitative research of social change.


Best Paper Young Research award


Confirmed keynote speakers:

Mª Ángeles Durán de las Heras. Spanish sociologist known for her pioneering research on unpaid work, the social situation of women, their social and work environment, health economics and inequality in the use of time. National Prize in Political Science and Sociology, she was the first woman to achieve a chair in sociology in Spain in 1982. She will talk about the challenge of data sources in times of pandemic.

Rory Fitzgerald. Director of the European Social Survey (ESS) in 2013 having been a Senior Research Fellow at City, University of London since 2004, Director of ESS ERIC and oversees the ESS Core Scientific Team (CST) and the ESS National Coordinators Forum. In addition to these committees he works closely with the General Assembly as well as the Scientific and Methods advisory boards, and is an Associate Editor of the Survey Research Methods Journal.

Conference format

The conference will be off-line unless otherwise stipulated by the health authorities. However, for those unwilling or unable to travel to Salamanca, online sessions can be arranged. So, if you are presenting a paper or interested in the conference, and unable to come to Salamanca on the specific dates, you should contact the local organizers. Further information on this hybrid format will be announced in the due time if necessary.

All further information about the conference (program etc.) will be available on this web page and on twitter.

Instructions for Authors:

Please submit by 20th of June 2022 at the latest.

• For individual presentation: abstract of up to 300 words plus 3-5 keywords

• For session proposals: description of the session (ca. 300 words) plus an abstract with up to 300 words from at least three panelists

Please submit your paper/session proposals to: rn21@usal.es with this template.

Participants will be notified regarding the acceptance of their submissions by July 8th, 2022 at the latest.