We welcome papers and sessions about the following topics, which are of course by no means exhaustive:

COVID-19 and pandemic times:

  1. Monitoring of COVID-19 and societal effects through surveys. Data collection: Problems and solutions of longitudinal data collection to analyze social change.
  2. Disinformation, (online) social networks, and fake news. Analysing the effect of media use on social change.
  3. The impacts of the pandemic on every day’s life. Effects on values and behaviour, mental and physical health, political and social attitudes, etc.


  1. Big Data methods: Possibilities and problems of the application of new emerging digital methods to analyze social change.
  2. Statistical approaches: Comparison of methodological approaches, pros and cons of different statistical methods for longitudinal data to identify and explain social change (e.g., fixed effects panel regression, latent growth curve models, multilevel models, cross-lagged models, continuous time models, etc.), social network analysis.
  3. Open sessions on various methodological topics.

Applied topics and best paper award:

  1. Substantive contributions to the analysis of social change in different fields of sociology (e.g., environmental sociology, ethnocentrism and populism research, population dynamics, measuring migration, quality of life, social indicators, political and social trust, etc.).
  2. “Award session”: Best Paper Young Researcher Award (see information below).