Conferencia «What is Experiential Translation?»



Conferencia sobre traducción intersemiótica a cargo de Ricarda Vidal (King’s College, London; investigadora principal de Experiential Translation Network)

What is Experiential Translation?

The aim of this session is to discuss experiential translation, what it might be and why/how it (potentially) informs translation practice. We will discuss multimodality, the active participation of the reader (translator) in the text as well as concepts such as “ludic translation” (Lee 2022).

I will begin with a brief overview of intersemiotic translation and trace my own journey from practice, i.e. conducting and instigating collaborative translation games where artists and translators work together or in parallel to explode a text into diverse forms of expression (e.g. poetry, dance, painting etc), to theory and back. We will then look at 3 artworks which were commissioned for the Experiential Translation Network exhibition, which was held in the UK in July 2022. We will discuss what is being translated and how translation was/is employed in the creation and reception of these works before participants will be invited to make a translation of one of the works themselves.

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Dr Ricarda Vidal

Ricarda is a text-maker, translator and curator and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London. Her research focuses on an expanded notion of translation, communication and meaning-making across cultures and languages. Together with Madeleine Campbell (University of Edinburgh) she leads the international AHRC-funded Experiential Translation Network (  She’s also interested in practice-based and -led research, which informs her current collaboration with artist Harriet Carter on asemic writing as well as her most recent publications, Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys across Media (Palgrave 2019),  a collection of essays, poetry and art texts, and Home on the Move: Two Poems go on a Journey (Parthian, 2019), a collection of poems, intersemiotic and multilingual translations, and her collaboration with artist Sam Treadaway on the Revolve:R bookwork series (Arrow Bookworks, 2013, 2015, Arrow Bookworks & Intellect, 2018).